HEADS UP – OMRI Listed Seed Treatment

CHICKEN LITTER – Organic Dry Poultry Litter

A preventative approach against white mold that activates the plant’s immune system against a broad spectrum of diseases. Compatible with other seed treatments and inoculants.

A coarse or pelleted in-season Nitrogen source that slow-releases over 8-12 weeks—a great way to give your corn or wheat the nutrients when they need it most! Nature Safe also accelerates the release of manure-derived nutrients. Derived from blood and feather meal.

BAY SHORE BLEND - Custom Blend Foliar

With beneficial microbes, MicroSpark promotes root growth and improves nutrient uptake, soil fertility, and overall crop productivity. A proprietary blend, MicroSpark won’t plug up your planter or break the bank!

MICROMAX – Custom Blend Seed Treatment

Organic pest solution for insects such as leaf hoppers and cut worm, among others. Works with foliar or alone—and won’t plug up your sprayer.

A proprietary blend of microorganisms and carbon sources, MicroMax feeds soil microbes and provides rapid colonization of the root zone—even under adverse planting conditions. With the addition of organic acids and calcium, crusting is limited—keeping the soil open and aerated, which helps increase uniform germination. Combining Heads Up and MicroMax makes for a great start on your crop!

A proprietary mix of essential and beneficial macro- and micronutrients to enhance in-season plant health and vigor.  

We have worked with AgriEnergy to develop our own custom blend foliar.  This product is sold exclusively through us.

MicroSpark - Organic Liquid Microfertilizer

A diverse blend of microorganisms that break down crop residue and convert it into plant-available nutrients

RESIDUCE – OMRI Listed Residue Manager

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13-0-0 - OMRI Listed Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

TRILOGY - OMRI Listed Fungicide/Miticide/Insecticide

Our source of dry poultry litter is nutrient-rich and enhances soil health and crop production